Hyprov has audience members crying in hysterics

Hyprov has audience members crying in hysterics

Hyprov has audience members crying in hysterics

Asad Mecci, a master hypnotist, appeared alongside Colin Mochrie, who is known for his famous role in “Whose Line is it Anyway?” to create a unique comedy experience in Tilson Auditorium on January 16. They took their two arts: hypnosis and comedy, and meshed them perfectly into Hyprov: a hilarious night of fun and laughter, as a part of the Indiana State Performing Arts Series.

Colin Mochrie is a Scottish-born Canadian actor, writer, producer and improvisational comedian. He has appeared on both the US and British versions of “Whose Line is it Anyway?” as well as dozens of movies and television shows. He and his wife, comedian Debra McGrath, wrote, produced and starred together in “Getting Along Famously” and “She’s the Mayor.” He has written for countless performances, as well as writing and performing at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner. He’s won several Canadian awards for writing, producing and acting as well.

Asad Mecci is a professional hypnotist who has performed in front of over 1.5 million people and has been featured on programs such as Entertainment Tonight, MTV, Maxim Online and HGTV. Offstage, he uses his ability to help people lose weight, reduce stress and increase productivity.

For Hyprov, twenty audience members were chosen to participate on stage. They were each hypnotized, but only the five best performances remain on stage. The selection process alone had the audience laughing hysterically. Once the top five were chosen, Colin Mochrie came out and improvised with them in a comedic fashion, which turned the show into an improvisation goldmine.

“It really was a performance to remember. I’m so glad I went. Colin Mochrie was so funny, and the hypnotist was super talented; I couldn’t believe my eyes. My favorite part was the selection process: it was funny seeing them all under the influence of hypnosis like that,” said Alexis Armstrong, a Terre Haute resident.

People really seemed to enjoy the theatrics of it all.

“I enjoyed the show a lot. You don’t expect hypnosis to be paired with improv like that, but it just really works. It was really over the top in a good way,” said Lauren Hadley, another Terre Haute resident.

Some people just liked the whole thing overall.

“Personally, I enjoyed it all, but I thought it was really cool that we get to meet acts at the end of the show!” said ISU student Morgan Nixdorf.

Hyprov with Asad Mecci and Colin Mochrie seemed to be a hit among Terre Haute residents and ISU students alike. We wish them luck as they continue to tour across North America and Europe.

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