Colin Mochrie

Scottish-born Mochrie is one of the most prolific improvisers on both sides of the pond today. He found his first line of work as a member of the Vancouver TheatreSports League where he met fellow improviser Ryan Stiles. He toured with The Second City comedy troupe until Stiles recommended he audition for a brand new British TV show, Whose Line Is It  Anyway? After failing in his first attempt to get on the show, Mochrie spent eight years as a regular until it ended in 1998. He then joined the US version on ABC, appearing in every episode, and continues with the current revival on the CW Network, now in its fourth season. Mochrie has toured the world with fellow Whoser Brad Sherwood for the past 12 years (most recently to India), appears in the Second City Guide to Symphonies in front of orchestras all over North America and recently wrote his first collection of short stories, Not Quite the Classics, available on Amazon. In 2014, Mochrie was named Canada's Comedy Person of the Year.

Asad Mecci

Asad Mecci's jaw dropping performances have captivated audiences worldwide. He has performed in front of over 1.5 million people live and millions more through mass media. You might have seen Mecci on Entertainment Tonight, MTV, Maxim Online, HGTV, YTV, talk television or read about him in publications like the New York Times, Huffington post and in Maxim Magazine. Away from the television cameras and radio waves, Mecci has amazed crowds at Canada's Wonderland, Skydome, GE Theater and The Just for Laughs comedy festivals. Even within the confines of major companies like Remax, IBM and Rogers, Mecci has been invited to entertain and motivate employees and management. When he is not performing on stage, Mecci uses hypnosis to help people lose weight, reduce stress and achieve peak performance.

who we are

Hypnosis and Improv — two art forms that have mystified and entertained fans, skeptics and everyone in between for decades worldwide – come together as two masters of their crafts unite for a totally unique comedy experience, HYPROV: Improv Under Hypnosis.

How it works: 20 random volunteers from the audience will be put under hypnosis by Hypnotist Legend Asad Mecci (the process of which is a show in its own right), their inhibitions evaporated and their minds no longer their own. The contestants are methodically and hysterically whittled down until the five best are left on stage when one of the world’s leading improvisers enters! Co-Creator Colin Mochrie takes the stage to improvise with the top five while they are still under hypnosis, turning the show into an improv extravaganza!

In the hands of two legends, and solely crafted from the audience’s uninhibited subconscious, this will be an entirely original and completely unforgettable theatrical experience, for who knows where the unconscious mind will go…

“Very funny…a celebration of the human imagination.” –THE TIMES OF LONDON


Who are the volunteers on stage?

The volunteers are random members of the audience who decide on their own to volunteer for the show.

How do I volunteer?

Purchase a ticket to the show and when Asad calls for volunteers, approach the stage and sit in an available chair or space on the bench. Because all participants volunteer and there needs to be some randomness to the process, we can’t guarantee that any given person will be able to participate on stage. For a better chance at making it on stage, we suggest sitting as close to the front and aisles as possible.

Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older and be in good physical and mental condition.  Volunteers should feel comfortable moving around the stage quickly, sitting and standing. It’s best to wear comfortable clothing and avoid very high heels as there is a small physical component required from the hypnotized subjects.

What if I don’t want to volunteer?

Nobody is called on stage against their will, anyone interested in volunteering must get up from their chair and walk up to the stage.

How many volunteers are there on stage?

The show begins when all 20 volunteers are seated on stage.  The hypnotist then whittles it down to the most susceptible to form the improv troupe.

How long is the hypnotic induction portion of the show?

The induction lasts for approximately the first 20 minutes.

How long will I be on stage?

If you are selected to be the final improv troop, you will be on stage for the entire show. Approximately 100 minutes.

Can I get a photo with the Hypnotist and Improviser if I’m selected as part of the improv troop?

At the end of the show, members of the audience are invited to take photos of all of the participants on stage.

I want to meet the cast after the show, how can I do that?

Our VIP experience includes a meet and greet with the Hypnotist and Improviser after the show..   You can purchase the VIP experience here (look for the purple seats on the seating chart.)

How do I purchase merchandise?

Merchandise is available before and after each show in the bar area on the lower level, or online here. If you have purchased a VIP package, you can bring one piece of merchandise to be signed (the VIP package includes one complimentary piece of merchandise.)

Is there a place nearby to get a drink before or after the show?

There is a full bar on the lower level of the theater that is open before and after the show.

What is the show’s current COVID-19 safety policy?

Masks and proof of vaccination (or negative test) are required. You can read the full policy here.

What is the running time?

The running time is approximately 100 minutes with no intermission.

Is there an age recommendation?

Hyprov is recommended for audiences 12 and up. While there is nothing “adult” about the show, because random audience members form the improv troupe, occasional adult words or situations may occur.

Where is the theater located?

The theatre is located in Union Square at 101 E 15th St, New York, NY 10003.

Is there accessible seating?

Accessible seating is located in the first row – look for the wheelchair symbol on the seating map. There is an accessible restroom located on the same level, please ask an usher to direct you to it.

Is the hypnosis real?

Yes! The volunteers from the audience are not selected in advance and are actually under hypnosis.